Want to join the PIT CREW?  We are in need of additional volunteers to help Friday setting up the Pit Area and getting all of the smokers lit through Saturday Night carving brisket and serving tacos etc. 

You Won’t Go Home Hungry!

United Fall Fest Pit Crew have pulled together a terrific menu for you! The 2023 Fest menu features all kinds of great food.  There is definitely something for everyone.  From 16-hour pulled pork shoulder to 8-hour sliced to order beef brisket, as well as plenty of options off the grill and multiple choices of beer and wine for the adults and non-alcoholic soft drinks, water for all ages. All of the meat is cooked fresh on site.  Come early and come hungry because like any good BBQ restaurant, when it is gone it is gone. 

Low and Slow baby

From the Pit

Slow Smoked On Site starting Friday early morning.  Your Pit Crew LOVES participating in this event every year and take Extra Pride in making sure the BBQ is just right!  Come early when it is gone it is gone!


Shredded Pulled Pork Dinner

An annual staple for Fall Fest we are expecting to slow smoke 650 lbs of pork shoulder this year.  dinner plate served with coleslaw and baked beans

Sliced Beef Brisket Dinner

Tender sliced beef brisket is smoked over 5 hours and rests till it is perfectly tender.  This year will be sliced-to-order at our carving station to ensure it is the highest quality.  Dinner plate served with Coleslaw and Baked Beans


After 7pm we will be offering a BBQ taco with slow-smoked Brisket or shreaded Pork, coleslaw and chipotle mayo.  Easy grab and go street food while you enjoy the live music. 

Hot and Fast

Off  The Grill

Grilled to perfection and ready when you are.  Grilled on site on demand.  

Burgers and Cheese Burgers

Beef Burgers served with or without cheese

Veggie Burgers

Even though it is a BBQ we still have Veggie Burgers for those that would like one


 Grilled hot dogs are good any summer day. 

Grab and Go

Snacks & desert


Grilled hot dogs are good any summer day.


On their own or with your burger or dog. chips are part of every BBQ.

Ice Cream

Kids Corner has a variety of Ice Cream, Cotton Candy and other sweets for the kids and adults.

Ice Cold



Grilled hot dogs are good any summer day.


On their own or with your burger or dog. chips are part of every BBQ.

Water and Soft Drinks

All the basic non alcoholic options