Food and Drink

You Won’t Go Home Hungry!

United Fall Fest volunteers have pulled together a terrific menu for you! The 2019 Fest menu features all kinds of great food:

  • Pulled pork sandwiches, burgers, and after our huge success last year, authentic smoked brisket!
  • Burgers and hot dogs!
  • Veggie burgers!
  • Roasted corn, dipped into hot butter – yum!
  • Lots of fun finger food like cotton candy, popcorn, sno-cones, ice cream and more!

And you won’t be thirsty, either! Just look for the Jack Brens tent, named in memory of beloved Congregational Church member.

When you need a beverage to wash down that pulled pork sandwich or brisket, there will be plenty of draft full-body and light beer on tap. There’s red and white wine, too, if the hops aren’t your cup of tea.

Soft drinks and water are also available, of course.

What'll you have?
What'll you have?
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